Hey man, get rid of that belly fat

Hey man, get rid of that belly fatHey man, get rid of that belly fat
When it comes to men’s health, it’s not just about what most men eat, but how they eat. Invariably, after a good or average breakfast, most working men lose track of mealtimes as they get into their day. A typical day could go like this: rushed breakfast, coffee break, skipped lunch, heavy, fried snack at 4, work, work, work, commute, reach home late, grumpy and ‘hangry’ – a heavy, large, comforting dinner, TV and sleep. Of course, there might be many who follow more stricter meal times, and many who eat because they are too scared to bring home a full dabba back home, but most of my male clients follow this sort of schedule in some form or the other. It is to you I speak.

I present to you not a complex system of foods and diets but a simple two-pronged solution that can get you to lose weight, feel younger and live better than you have in years. Just two points to remember.

Eat every two hours
Did you know that like running, jumping or even sleeping, even the process of digestion burns calories? That’s right. Your body burns calories while burning calories. This is because digestion, like all your body’s functions, requires energy to make it happen. What eating every two hours does is that it keeps your body constantly ‘in the gym’, making your metabolic processes far more efficient.

While this is hard for most of my male clients, it would help to set a discreet alarm, and stick as closely to a two-hour frequency as possible. You don’t have to eat a huge meal every time – just a light biscuit or fruit between meals will do the trick. You’d be surprised by how energetic you feel and how quickly the weight slips off or how well it stays off.

Eat lighter as the day progresses

As discussed earlier, most of my male clients do exactly the opposite. A skipped or a light lunch is followed by a heavy snack and an even heavier dinner. By doing the reverse, i.e., eating a big breakfast followed by a good lunch and then a light dinner (with two-hour fillers in between) means that you are matching your meals with your level of activity.